I'm The Daddy Tee Shirt Review and Giveaway

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
Daddy Scrubs are at it again!  The coolness of showing off the new "Daddyhood" with the styles and fashion that they have created for dads.  It's not all about mom for once.  Every proud DAD needs to be shown that they are loved and cared for just as much as mom.  Dads are normally left out when the baby is brought into the world, and that is what Daddy Scrubs are all about.

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
The tee shirt shown here is the Navy Edgy 2013 for Daddy.  It's one of their classics.  The tee is made with 100% cotton with the neck and sleeves tapered.  The hems have been done with double stitching for better and longer lasting wear.  This particular shirt comes in Medium, Large, XL and 2XL.  These wonderful shirts are on sale right now for $19.99!

They are very comfortable and make any dad proud.

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com

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