Dr. Scholl's Active Series Review

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
Normally, I have issues with pains in my feet due to a damaged arch from a wreck back in 1999.  After trying many different insoles, I've not had as much comfort as these.  The active series also has triple zone protection for different parts of the foot.

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com
Between the two photos above and the one below, you'll see that it supports the arch, the heel of the foot and the ball of the foot (larger part just behind the toes).  These make standing easier for me.  They are active, just as I am.  I normally have a huge issue with standing to actually keep from having pains to where I can't stand due to the pains being life knifes stabbing through the bottoms of my feet.  I do have issues with the other areas of my feet as well, which I think is why the other insoles never really worked for me.  They only helped certain parts of the feet, where this one actually is made to help ALL areas on the bottom of the feet.  

Two thumbs up Dr.Scholls!

Photo by Lia Burres http://www.bitoeverything.com

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