Decided...New Updates

As of now, I'm officially swamped with way to many book reviews.  It's been decided that from now on out, the only books we'll be reviewing are those that are sent by request, New Leaf Publishing and Kregel.  We will also be doing reviews for "Dark Discoveries" which is a mystery / murder type magazine that sends books for review.  Any other book reviews will only be for children's books, any site.  There will be NO other book reviews.  Between products, all of these books and my orders for writing, Examiner and Bubblews, I have no brains left to keep up with where I'm at.

We are swamped.  Right now, ALL Product Reviews, will be done first and foremost unless required by a site to have the reviews done.

Those badges will be removed from the blog, except for Kregel, New Leaf Publishing, and the others that are mentioned above.

I truly hope that the others that have contacted us will understand.  If you're an author, I will still accept your reviews and do them as soon as I can get to them.  They will be read first before posting reviews for honest to goodness reviews for my readers.  Just submit the contact form!

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