Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum

Every woman wants fuller, longer and healthier eyelashes.  We all want this without pain, hassles or having to take pills to get them.

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum is a liquid with all natural ingredients and you just apply lightly one time a day, just before bedtime.

There is no itching or irritation from application.  It doesn’t burn.  There is no choking down pills, no swallowing of anything.  Fysiko applies like liquid eyeliner.  It goes on clear and feels just like you ran water over your eyes.
Left eye after serum

After right eye
Before serum

There are directions that shows how to apply.  I, myself, have issues with things going toward my eyes.  I normally shut my eyes and apply along the lashes.  This keeps it from getting into your eyes.  Even if it does get into your eyes, it will not cause damage.

My eyes always had issues with itching around my eyelashes.  As soon as I started using this, the itching stopped and I've not had that issue since actually using the Fysiko.  My eye brows were very thin and very messed up on the end of them, the middle was also thinning, but it finally stopped and filling back in now.

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