DanceSocks Review and Giveaway

Dance equipment isn't very well known by many.  We all know that dancing is hard on our knees, ankles and even our hips.  Dancesocks reduce the stress and impact that we would normally feel while dancing for us to have fun and not pay the price of pain.  These work great for smooth surfaces and even help your sneakers to move better on surfaces to where you can dance comfortably.  You just simply slide these up over your shoes.  The more space that you cover, the better movement you can make without injury to your ankles or knees.  Be sure to cover the sole to increase your glide while you move.  If you need more of a grip, you just  cover less of the sole.

These are made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, hand wash cold, drip dry and DO NOT BLEACH.

The Dancesocks come in black and pink, 2pairs per pack.

Link to visit and buy your own Dancesocks

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