BioScience Challenge for Weight Loss!

I have spinal injuries so this is a challenge.  I know that however in the middle of my workouts and efforts, I found that I was unable to continue due to the spinal abnormalties that have developed from injuries in the past.

My challenge, which you can sign up for too, is to lose around 80lbs.  I'm 5'6 and around 200lbs after having five children and fibromyalgia.  My body doesn't react to eating certain things like a normal person would.  Certain things are forbidden as it makes the Fibromyalgia worse and causes more pain than a person would be able to tollerate on normal day lives.

I've taken the BioScience Challenge as a way to lose the 80lbs that will decrease my health issues.  I'm excited that they have chosen me for the fact that I've been trying almost everything under the moon and sun to lose the weight that is here on my body.

I chose this to help with burning and blocking the fat that builds up as nothing else will work.  Pills don't absorb into my system well and liquids or gummies work great with my body.

To start your own BioScience challenge, click here! You will find that it is a great and find something that will work for your system.  There are several different ones that you can choose from and that are just right for your own body!  You also receive support during your diet from the company.  They will even supply progress charts!!!

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