Uncle Jesus by Georgia Lee Anderson

Uncle Jesus is a story that my first grader / child read aloud to me last night.  Keep in mind she's a slow learner at times, but she only had two words that she had issues with.  She liked the book and was very thrilled to get to read it.
My mother and I both loved it too, as she don't normally read books with lots of words in them and understand them.
Last night she learned that Jesus was a carpenter before he became known as the "Son of GOD".  She thought it was neat, to picture Jesus as a family person and not just someone that went around and spreading the word of our Heavenly Father.  It really made it easier for her to understand and she seems to feel closer to Jesus.
I have to give this book two thumbs up all the way.  It is a really good story for children to read or listen to.  It sure got her interested in learning as well.

Uncle Jesus can be found on the following sites:
Look with Google to see where else you can get the book

I was given this book by BookCrash for my honest thoughts and review.

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