New Way to Floss and Faster!

Bryton Pick Floss is easy and only takes seconds to use.  With this you can use it as a pick or as floss.  The item lasts up to 30 days (unless you're like me with some teeth and it lasts up to 15 days each).  It's shaped like a boomerang!

I've always had an issue with flossing my teeth as it was to difficult on me due to the front two bottom teeth being over lapped.  With this tool not only can I floss my teeth, but it brought out lots of things that I had never noticed about my teeth.  My mouth feels fresher and cleaner.  I can even get all the way to the very back teeth, my wisdom teeth!  No hassles, no issues with the floss being wrapped around my fingers or anything.

I certainly plan on buying these when the second one runs out.  I finally found something that works for me. All my other teeth are straight and this is the one thing that I've found that is incredible!

Thank you BrytonPick!

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